About Our Company

As Sertan Gıda,

Our goals;

To provide the best service to its customers without sacrificing product and service quality;

To become a pioneer and leader in the sector by using its productive and innovative aspect that provides added value to the projects it has done;

To be the "Solution Partner" of our customers with its expert and experienced staff, quality service and competitive prices;

It aims.

Our Values;

Productivity; To provide the most appropriate solution and the highest efficiency by creating added value in the projects we take.

Reliability; To be a trustworthy company where our customers can receive continuous support.

innovation; To be an innovative company that can continuously improve itself with the experience gained from every job.

Our vision;

To be the food company preferred by our customers and to provide the most reliable and highest quality service to our customers. To complete all our works with the same high quality by showing the best performance in the areas we operate, wherever and under any circumstances. Together with our employees; We always aim for the better and more perfect by counting every new job as a new beginning, by making studies and evaluations.

Our company, which serves in the Import, Export and Food Tenders sector; its working policy is to produce original designs for our customers; to follow all kinds of innovations in the pulses industry in the world and develop application projects for our customers; integrating its corporate structure with continuous development, and using its knowledge and experience to always produce better; keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level and making a difference; has established its work on the foundations of valuing and adding value to development and creative thinking.

SERTAN GIDA,  We provide creative and reliable agricultural products in international quality standards. We aim to perpetuate our team spirit, which has adopted our corporate values, is highly motivated, dynamic, strong and passionate about its work. We aim to be one of the best and innovative companies among the pulses companies serving around the world and to sign new projects.